My name Isaac Blencowe and I am High ticket  sales closer and content creator.

I work with influencers, coaches, trainers and companies to maximize their sales and impact more lives.  I know that you want to uplift, inspire and transform more lives. And so do I. 

Which is why I am committed to helping you do exactly that. 

I am here to help you close more sales on your products or services, so that you can receive the income you deserve, while impacting more lives.

My passions and expertize lie in health, business and personal development, so these are the industries and clients that I work with. I am 100% commision based. Meaning you only pay me based on results. The results being a successful sale.

So if you’re looking to double, even triple your sales, keep more clients and impact more lives with your product or service. Then get in contact with me.

And lets work together. 

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